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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

hi hi!
first let me just say our class rocks!!! the girls today were very sporting and wore skirts the whole day. so sexy! hahahaha some of them really look like girls (hint: rayan, kaymond and jing rong!) girls' legs :) haha... but the skirts shorter than four fingers ah. naughty girls! heehee. i bet it was super cold for the girls during lecture today right? and who can forget kaymond when he got called up during econs... SHE kept pulling down her skirt and it looked very..... fill in the blank yourself. haha the guys on the other hand were very very warm. haha cos we're hot! haha. and bio tutorial was exceptionally funny today with a visit by a certain insect and a surprising spanking incident. (rayan don't be jealous!) and butt fighting by kundan and kaymond. plus moses' very short skirt... then went even higher up... and i wish to set up a poll on who thinks that kaymond needs new shoes. please vote... haha. sad part was that the guys and girls didn't go into the correct toilets. but other than that april's fools has been a laughing, shrieking and hilarious day! hope you enjoyed it! let's start planning for next year!
ps: i love you guys and girls!!! haha don't break my heart! kidding!
09s38 rocks!!! :)

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Friday, March 27, 2009

hello guys(and girls)!
haha let's start this joke of the day thing... so everyday or whenever we're free, one person can post about a funny thing that happened on that day. today's joke of the day has got to be the drain incident. let's tell the story from the beginning. nadiah, who is way too tall for her own good, was walking to the maths tutorial venue at t19... being too tall, she didn't look where she was going and walked into the drain... hahahaha but that's not all. rayan who is also VERY TALL, was probably trying to dance while walking(like he always does everywhere he goes), walked straight into the drain TOO!!! damn classic... rayan's expression and reaction was damn funny... he kept cursing the drain and its stupid location. everyone was so caught up in the hilarious situation that we forgot about maths tutorial and stood outside laughing and chatting. poor yixin and steph! sorry for abandoning you! hahaha and as a final note, rayan is taller than nadiah if nadiah steps in the drain! heehee. let's post more JOTDs guys! we'll laugh so hard that by the end of the year we'll have abs!
bye!!!!!!!! :)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey all,
we are changing the venue for jts to clarke quay instead of east coast for jts 13thmarch 2009 @ waruku.so please inform juanita if u can make it.it will be at around 7-8pm.its okay if u can only come later or leave early as we will be there for long...(hopefully theres gonna be extra entertainment like the moses dance?).tell me or juanita asap as we need to make booking.it will cost you arnd 30 dollar to 40 dollars for enjoying yourself through the nite.
asst ct rep.
Sunday, March 8, 2009

enjoy :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

hello class
its confirmed that we are having a jts at east coast park waruku restaurant after vog 13th march at night.time is to be confirmed.but yea its a dinner and prepare up to a minimum of extra 10dollars?but a decent meal for a person is around 15-20bucks so yea time to break those piggy banks. and on that day, we are having a torch relay in the morning at 630.please come earlier.and all the best for the people who took part in the various vog games!LYNX CAT scratch you ah!

and now for your viewing pleasure, ive digged up a video, a sequel to the very well known moses cart wheel dance.moses is gonna kill me when he sees this but since everyone knows of his famous dance already lets see the actual thing...
Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lol watch and have a laugh. Is your mum like that?